Selecting a bag based on size, shape and colour is a personal choice and many of you will have experienced how difficult it can be to shop for a friend or family member. Some women believe the colour of the handbag needs to match the shoes while other women (and men) are more concerned about the size of the bag and less about the colour.

In our experience, there are several colours that continue to be popular, despite the trends. These are black, blush (rosa), red, mustard yellow and navy. Green is also popular and again, some women prefer olive while others prefer forest green.

The psychology of colour is a well-researched topic and used by art therapists, marketing professionals and psychologists to change moods and influence behaviour. A review of findings published below shows that red stimuli has been shown to receive an attentional advantage and viewing red on yourself or others has been shown to increase appraisals of aggressiveness/dominance. Similarly, blue and green tones are associated with serenity and relaxing.

In styling with colour, our personal view is to have a range of coloured handbags as this allows you to add a splash of colour, add red for a boost of confidence or simply wear black as it will go with anything!

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